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Q: Does the AMK5000S/AMK7000S have fpv?
Q: Where can I get User Manual for my product?

1. Find your product under product page. 

2. Click the model you have.

3. Find  under the product. You will find User Manual and more instructions for your product there. 

Q: Where can I get the updated firmware for the sports cameras?

1. Click here to download from our website.
2. Send email to us to get it.
3. From AMKOV page on Facebook.

Q: How to update the FW?

1. Decompressing the files ;
2. Format the TF(MicroSD) card ,and Copy the two files named "IDV.BRN" and "UpdateFW.txt" to the card;
3. Insert the card to DV;
4. Insert the full charged battery to DV ,and close the battery cover;
5. keep pressing “shutter button” and “power button” until all the indicator lights flash;
6. DV will start-up and all the status indicator lights flashes , and "00:00" will be shown on the LCD screen;Please be noted that all the LED light will keep flashing when updating;
7. DV will power off automatically after upgrading finished;
8. Start-up DV , and connect it to APP,then you can check the new FW version in "Setting" =>"about";

Note: 1.During the updating, please make sure that the power is sufficient, if the DV suddenly power off during upgrading,it may cannot be switched on any more;
         2.Format the TF card after updating, so that it won't upgrade again by incorrect operation;

Q: Where can I get the App for AMKOV camera?
1. Click to download it from our website.
2. Search “AMK-icam” at Apple and Google Play.
3. Scan the QR code in the user manual or on the package.
Q: Wifi cannot be found in cellphone while WLAN is turned on.
First, please make sure the camera's wifi is turned on, then check if wifi indicator light is twinkled.
Q: Where can I download the latest firmware for AMK5000?
The latest firmware is V1.07. You can download from our website: service-download.
Q: Is there software available that can get rid of the “fisheye” effect for the videos?
No, there isn' t. This is the effect of wide-angle lens.
Q: How to set up correct time for AMKOV Sports Camera?
The camera's time will be synchronized with cellphone automatically when wifi connected. 
Q: How to charge for AMKOV cameras?
Connect to PC with Micro USB or use “5V/1A” power adapter.
Q: Can I use AMKOV camera when charging?
Q: The camera cannot be read by the computer?
Please make sure that there is Micro SD card in the camera and your computer configuration better than Pentium III processor, 300Mhz, AMD Athlon 300Mhz or a Celeron 400MHz 128MB RAM.
Q: How to make date and time shown on photos&videos?

Please turn on the date&time stamp. You can find it in the menu of cameras if the camera have screen. Or find in the APP.

Q: Does wifi have signal under the water?
No. All the cameras have no wifi in the water
Q: Will the video quality be affected with water-proof box?
Yes. it will. So we suggest not to use underwater box if possible.