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New Wifi Kids Camera AMKOV CDFW is On the Way2018-08-01 17:39:15

Last week, we shared a Kids DIY Camera. Here would like to share a new camera, which is AMKOV Wifi Kids Camera CDFW.

It is the best kids camera from AMKOV so far. The kids camera with buil-in Wifi and two camera lens. Maybe someone don't understand why we build wifi for the camera, after all kids do not need it. 

Actually the Wifi is made for parents. Nowadays, people all like to share videos and photo in their SNS, including their adorable kids. So they would like to share what their children have recorded with their own kids cameras as well. While in old ways, if you want to get the iamge, you have to connect it to computer, then get it out to cellphone with computer etc. Which is very complicated and inconvenient. In order to solve this, AMKOV build a wifi in the kids camera. To make parents to review and share Children's joy more conveniently.

Here is a sample photo took by the camera CDFW. For more information about the camera, please click here.

Sample photo by Wifi Kids Camera